Actors face unique challenges and opportunities.
These can include the high probability of rejection, extended time between jobs, making ends meet with sub-par employment, high emotional intensity while working and a typically high divorce rate.


Is it possible to have a joyful and balanced inner life while surviving “professional life on a roller-coaster”?

Betsy Russell responds emphatically, “Yes!”

As a working actress for over 30 years, Betsy experienced the joy of early professional success, acclaim and adulation; the heartache of divorce, rocky relationships and career lapse; the spectacular revival of her career in middle age, balancing career while raising her two sons as a single mom and many more intense victories and disappointments.

Through it all, although cheerful by nature, Betsy struggled to maintain emotional equilibrium and at times her sanity! Her life improved dramatically after she completed a Master's program in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis on Consciousness Health and Healing.

She took away from the program a totally different perspective on life and a “toolbox” of skills, attitudes and beliefs that have enabled her to maintain a core of joy and peace, no matter what life throws at her. Betsy says, “we all have moments of negativity or anger at times but recognizing we are out of balance and having the ability to correct this is what these skills are all about!” Betsy feels that the next step of her journey is to share these tools and life skills with others, along with imparting the wisdom and stories gained from her 30 years in the industry, and her extensive network of friends and contacts.