“Taking this class has given me the tools I was needing to facilitate authentic communication in all of my relationships. In a mere 6 sessions, I feel more freedom to grow, more internal strength and affirmation and more connected to my friends and family. Self-judgment will be met with self-acceptance and encouragement. Unexpressed feelings have a healthy outlet through journaling and free-form writing and most of all new friends!”

- Merrilyn Romen


“This class was a very safe place to share my inner thoughts, it allowed me to meet other amazing people with similar stories. This class taught me I am love. I recommend this class to learn about me.”

- Lisa Deutxch


“I learned a great tool from this class to listen when my clients or friends are speaking. I would highly recommend Betsy's class for many reasons. One because I think when you 'voice' your feelings out loud you clear issues.”

- Lisa Gordon


“I felt guided and supported in my session with Betsy and I never felt out of sorts.”

- Annie Livingstone